Water Filtration

Coming soon! We will be offering a full line of countertop, undersink, whole house and gravity fed filtration systems? What does this have to do with heating and cooling? Nothing! We just go by the old addage, "Get a filter or be a filter". Many of our prospective clientele who are looking to reduce utility dependence are also lookng to live healthier, so we plan to meet their needs!


Berkey Water filters - Gravity fed water filters, perfect for camping and also in emergencies when there is no water pressure to work with

Crystal Quest - Counter top water filtration systems, very easy to install and use

Reverse Osmosis filters - one of the most effective methods available for removing tough contaminants like Hexavalent Chromium, Trihalomethanes, pharmaceuticals, fluoride and more!

Shower Filters- The body absorbs as much as 10x more chlorine from a shower than drinking chlorinated water due to absorption through the skin and inhaling shower steam. This can have widespread health implications and also contribute toward premature aging. Installing a shower filter to remove chlorine is an important step to improving your overall health.

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