Solar Screens

For Commercial and Residential Applications

Installing a Desert Sun Shield will lower your air conditioning expense by 30% or more. This is possible because the Desert Sun Shield stops the sun's heat before it reaches the window. According to Dept. of Energy studies nearly 50% of the heat gain to a home comes through the window. This is as much as all the other sources combined!! The Desert Sun Shield stops as much as 90% of the solar heat gain and glare from even reaching the windows, without blocking the view. A Sun Shield is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to lower energy usage.

Once The Sun Hits The Glass, It's Too Late To Control Heat Gain!

Solar Screens Are Like A Big Shade Tree!

The most effective way to control the sun's heat and glare is to stop it before it enters your window. Once the sun's rays enter your windows, they are absorbed and begin to radiate throughout the room in the form of heat. Exterior shading will reduce your cooling costs, reduce the load on your air conditioning, and will eliminate the glare inside your home. And all without having to water a tree or rake up leaves.

Desert Sun Shield Window Screens Will Solve Your Cooling Problems and Save You $MONEY$!

Solar Screens Block The Heat - Not The View!

Desert Sun Shield Screens are exterior mounted window screens made with the highest quality vinyl coated polyethylene screens and aluminum frames custom fitted for your windows and glass areas. Solar screens block the sunís rays before they contact the glass surface. Solar Shield screens are seven times more effective than any other interior window treatment, including tint, blinds, shutters and drapes. Solar screens can also be effective on all glass areas of the home, regardless if the window location is in direct sunlight or not. By installing Desert Sun Shield solar screens all around the home, it will maximize your utility savings and maximize your interior room comfort.

Let the Power Company Pay for Your Beautiful Window Treatment.

Our trained energy technicians will measure and install your Solar Shield screens right away. Call us today and you can start saving enough to pay for your Solar Shield in one year or less. Cooling Concepts Desert Sun Shield will last many years and the sooner you start the sooner you can cut your air conditioning bill.

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