Solar Attic Fans

A properly sized solar attic fan can lower your air conditioning needs by as much as 30%. While these do not address the initial problem of solar heat gain like our other roof cooling systems, these do provide an effective means of increasing the airflow and air exchange in your attic. During the summer months, your attic space can be 30 degrees higher than ambient air temperature or more. We size the solar fan to your attic size to provide at least 10 full air exchanges per hour. By blowing out heated attic air and pulling in cooler outside air, these fans help pull both radiated and convected het from your attic, cooling the support beams and other wood, as well as the air in the space. This means less heat transfer from your attic into your living space. This also keeps your roof from heating unchecked in the summer sun and can help extend the life of your roof.

These fans are 100% solar powered, so no wiring is required. To save on fan motor life in areas that have a winter, these units are fitted with a thermostatic control so that they only kick on when your attic heats to a certain level. These are truly plug and play, install it and forget it with these unit. They also qualify for a 30% federal tax credit.

You can expect a solar attic fan to have about a 3 year payback period in our Western New York climate.

Please contact us or a home assessment so that we can recommend and install the proper sized solar attic fan.

We will be listing specific models and their prices and specifications soon.

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