Roof Shade

What is RoofShade?

Finally! Something new under the sun!

The RoofShade concept is so simple, that people often slap their forehead and say, "DUHHH", when they first see it. After years of research, RoofShade, Inc. has developed a system that is revolutionizing the energy conservation industry. If you are looking for ways to go green without spending a lot of money, you have found it! Energy conservationists all over the world agree that using naturally occurring phenomena like shade to reduce the carbon footprint of industry is an efficient way to significantly affect energy usage and save money. If you have a "Green Initiative" underway, you need RoofShade.

How's this for common sense?

The RoofShade is a patent-pending system for protecting commercial buildings from the heat and damage of the sun. The RoofShade is a reflective and porous shade cloth that is mounted 8 inches above the building's roof. The RoofShade is not affected by wind, weather, or by workmen walking on top of it. The RoofShade will reduce the temperature of your rooftop by 30 to 60 degrees, lowering your cooling costs. Additionally it will cool the air your A/C units use; and the cooler the air the more efficient they become. RoofShade works in multiple ways to reduce the heat load on the roof, the stress load on the electricity grid and the financial load on your business cooling costs. There are big savings in shading your Roof, not only will your electricity bills go down but the life of the roof will double!

Shade is Nature's free air-conditioning! The RoofShade provides benefits by reducing your carbon footprint, extending the life of your roof and cutting your operating expenses. Go Green the easy way.


  • Blocks 95% of the sun's heat and UV radiation
  • Lowers roof temperatures significantly
  • Combines shading with misting to cool the air surrounding your AC units, allowing them to operate more efficiently
  • Increases roof lifespan by 2-3x
  • Reduces cooling costs by as much as 50%
  • Has a 3-4 year payback period in most US climates
  • Has demonstrated savings of $1.00 per year per square foot of roof space between low utility and roof maintenance costs
  • Heavy snow is no problem, spring and cable system allows the RoofShade to lower to the roof surfaceand spring back up when it melts
  • Can be walked upon so it won't hamper other roof top services
  • Is flame retardant
  • Has been tested in up to 90mph winds
  • Has a 10 year warranty

Additional Information

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