Residential Evaporative Roof Cooling

These systems involve strategically placed sprinklers that are thermostatically controlled and set on timers to keep roof temperatures between 90 and 110 degrees. This does 3 things:

  • Prevents solar heat gain in the summer. The average roof can bring 150,000-200,000 BTU of additional heat into your home that your air conditioner has to deal with.
  • Along with preventing solar heat gain, this method of cooling can pull an additional 20,000 or more BTU out of your attic, easing the burden on your AC unit.
  • By cooling your roof, you maintain a stable temperature for your shingles, preventing the thermal stress that breaks down roofing materials over time. This can improve your roof lifespan by 2-3x or more.

This method can reduce your air conditioner usage by up to 50%, and can pay for itself within 1 cooling season!

For those concerned about water conservation, we have an alternative system available that uses rain barrels, a solar powered water pump and soaker hoses to cool your roof. All the same benefits listed above apply, but with higher start up costs due to the solar powered water pump and rain barrels.

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