Solar Home Improvements

Click here to listen to Solar Home Improvements on WBEN's Home Improvement Hour with Domenic Cortese discussing IndoorGenerator™ solar rechargeable backup power, solar space heating, evaporative roof cooling, roof shading, and LED lighting, among other topics!

Click here to read how every $100 you save in annual utility costs increases your home's value by $2000!

Welcome to Solar Home Improvements.

That is what we do here at Solar Home Improvements-- save you money on your utilities using methods that have a quick payback. We specialize in practical, common sense solar solutions for your home and business. Our products range from solar panels to evaporative roof cooling, with many other solutions to help you reduce your energy usage and save you money. One of our assessments will sit down with you and explain all the costs, benefits, and incentive programs for every product we offer. Contact us for a free, no obligation assessment and energy evaluation. We can find a solution that will make a difference and within your budget.

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Go solar today and save money!

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